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Hand-Tied extensions are a game changer!! Now extensions are super comfortable, natural and you can still wear your hair in a high pony or bun!

I use a technique called The Foundation taught to me by Shaylie George, who is known across the US for not only gorgeous extensions but for her color blending!  This technique was handed down from generations past and Shaylie was able to add her own 15+ years of expertise to make sure this technique is as natural and comfortable and healthy for her clients.  Because Shaylie values her culture, she doesn't teach to just anyone. As a matter of fact, there are only 40 of us across the country that are certified in her technique.  This ensures the quality of the craft and the integrity of the hair and stylist!  I am honored to be one of those certified. 

Who should get extensions?

  • those looking for lots of volume

  • those looking for long luscious locks

  • guests with fine hair

  • any one looking to grow their hair out

  • those wanting color or balayage without using chemicals

Bridal Hair Stylist

Package Deals

Hand tied extensions have been such a game changer for me in my personal experience I want to make sure you have the same life changing feeling!  To ensure that you have the best quality hair and keep it that way, your installation package includes all that you need to keep your new hair looking and feeling fabulous!! 

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