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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

So we all know that 2020 has been the fastest year of our lives! If you're like me and still wondering what happend to May & June, then getting ready for this years festivites is probably putting you in a space. One thing I think we all have learned is that 2020 is all about flexibility, if you can't go with the flow, you might sink. What ever could go wrong kinda seems to have gone wrong and probably will, so I'm hoping that this will give you a little cheer, but also give you a hand in getting prepared for all the socially distanced holidays.

This gift guide will be a compiliation of some of my favorites that are available on Amazon, our favorite instant gratification site. (so yes, these are affilitate links, which means I will make a small commision if you choose to purchase an item I suggest. Which also goes back to the flexibility factor) But I also would like to include a couple of local businesses that I adore.

You all know what a love for yoga I have so my first recomendation is for a local yoga studio. If you have a yogi in the fam, they would love a gift certificate to a class, or even the prop shop. My dear yogi friend Rachel McCrary, owner of Arts & Hot Yoga by Glow, studio is brand new, she offers a bunch of really cool classes, like Yin (one of my favorites) and has some really cool unique items in her retail space! Definitely check her studio out, I'm positive you will love her as much as I do! (ps her hubs does gorgeous glass blown works of art)

If your looking for a nutritionist, and all over health and wellness guru, my dear friend Jennifer, CEO of Lean & Green, is amazing! She was also chosen as one of Southwest Florida's Top 40 Under 40 by Gulfshore Business!! I've worked with her on and off over the years and she has taken me from a smokey, junk food junkie to a journey of health, clean eating and consciousness. Jen is truly amazing and totally guided my transformation. Make sure you give her a follow on Instagram as she offers wonderful advice, recipes and tips for a better life!

So if you get a chance, this next little local spot is super adorable! Downtown Coffee & Wine is so cute and has delicious little treats and wonderful coffee and wine. Did I mention wine??? Jen & I have had a couple of meet ups there and we just loved it!

Lastly, I'd like to offer up an artist. Lynda Fay Braun is a truly gifted artist. Her esthetic may appear minimalistic but it is truly brilliant and beautiful. I had the pleasure of working for her, as her assistant, while in art school. She taught me so much and we had some memorable experiences creating her work and traveling for shows. The finale ended with a visit to New Mexico to meet her mentor, Agnes Martin. That was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. I am so grateful to Lynda for so many things, but always for her support, love and friendship over the years. I know you'll enjoy her work.

Now, on for the goods from Amazon. Again, I'd like to state that these are affiliate links, and I will make a small commision should you choose to purchase something.

One of my newest purchases since getting long, gorgeous extensions is the Revlon One Step hair dryer, I love it! It definitely helps to reduce drying time, and gives me a nice lift at the root, but also a little shape on my ends so they don't stick straight.

Speaking of stick straight, this is my all time favorite flat iron, it is pricey, but it's literally one pass! And most importantly, you can adjust the heat! Just remember to keep that heat down! No need to go over 350 unless you have coarse, curly hair.

You all have seen me use my curling iron, and this is it, super great, heat adjusting, and I like the barrel size for those soft bouncy beach waves!

Now with all these heated tools, don't forget to use a heat protectant. Here is my all time favorite, Bassu Oil by Surface Hair. Due to COVID-19, I've found it increasingly difficult to maintain and recieve my retail items on my shelf, so in an effort to keep you all satisfied and ready for the season, I decided to offer links to my favorite products. Of course you may still purchase these items directly from me if I have the stock.

Awaken is also, as all of you know, my favorite hair shampoo, condition and treatment to help keep your scalp uber healthy and your hair growing! It's in my opinion the best product out there for thinning fine hair. This will, if used correctly, help grow hair back (unless the follicle is dead). This same vendor also has the conditioner and treatment, and most of the other products from Surface Hair. As always, you can also purchase this when I have stock in my salon or store, but again, with COVID-19 putting a damper on my ability to get products in a timely fashion, I've opted to give you the links.

Lastly, I love this because it truly helps my hair dry quicker! These towels are super absorbant, so I usually leave my hair in it for maybe 20 minutes. Then I use my bassu oil mixed with Trinity protien creme, run it through my hair, then use the Revlon dryer. And boom my hair is fabulous!

Well, that is it for my gift guide suggestions, I hope you enjoyed this info! If you have any questions, just comment on the guide and I will happily answer them! All my love to you all and I hope this helped ease some of the discomfort of 2020 Holiday season.


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